This is the only way to get the old Fair and Flexible plan, since it is no longer offered by sprint. It is quite similar to the current power pack plan, but with one huge difference, flexible anytime minutes!
With the Power pack plans, they charge you 40 cents a minute for every minute you go over your anytime minutes. That’s $40 if you go over with a 100 minutes!
With my Fair and Flexible plan you only get charged $5 for every 50 minutes you go over, $10 in the example above instead of $40.

You will get the Motorola V3RED new in box and a Samsung SPH-A800 3 (months old)

Look them up at

Sprint Fair & Flexible for FAMILIES
• Line 1 $89.99 Minimum Monthly Charge(Agreement Expires 12/07/07)
• Line 2 Free (Agreement Expires 12/03/08)
• Lines 3-5 $9.99 Each
• Adjustable Anytime Minutes
• Minutes Are Shared On This Plan
• 1400 Included Anytime Minutes
• Nationwide Long Distance Included
• Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins. Included
• Nights: M-Th 7PM-7AM Wknd: F 7PM-M 7AM
• Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile
• Caller ID, Call Waiting
• Three-way Calling
• Voicemail

So why do you want to do this. activation fee of $35 a line $70 total..
Get 9 month contract length on line 1 and 17 month on line 2, instead if 24 month contract from Sprint. Total 26 months instead of 48 months!!

Get two really good phones The Moto V3RED New and the Samsung only 3 months old, for FREE!!

And of course the only way to get the Fair and Flexible plan.