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    Several months ago I was offered by Sprint customer retentions a very good deal on a new Treo700P, upgrading from a 600P. (I think it was $300 for the phone.) I walked out of the Sprint store a very happy customer, with my *working* Treo700P, and I paid NO money at the store; retentions told me the cost for the phone would appear on my next bill. They also said they entered all the details of this special offer into my "account notes."

    On my next bill, they had charged me $700 for the Treo700P.

    When I called retentions about this, they told me there was no record of anyone offering me the phone for $300, and that this wasn't even possible, as they aren't even authorized to give me a deal for anything less than $400, which they offered to adjust the $700 charge to. I argued the matter, but they refused to honor the price they quoted me. In the end they adjusted the price to $400, and they managed to set up my account with extra perpetual "percent discounts" off my monthly bill, that would eventually make up the difference, which I ultimately accepted. (Plus they charged me for individual SMS messages, which they agreed to credit me for, and added 3000 SMS/month, which is apparently the closest thing they have to "unlimited SMS" which I used to have on my Treo600.

    Here's my point: They can promise you the moon over the phone, strike a deal with you, tell you they've documented everything; -and then just do whatever they want. It didn't occur to me until I got my bill, that I had stupidly agreed to something *without getting it in writing*. Which got me thinking, -do they ever offer to back up their promises from customer retentions with anything in writing, so you have a record of what they agree to do for you?

    The cell phone industry appears to be unique in that they regularly make verbal contracts that as a rule they don't put in writing.

    Have others experienced this, or does anyone have a method of getting a written version of retentions' promises? -Either in email or by fax or by mail?

    Thanks in advance,
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    One advantage of being deaf is all my phone calls can be printed or saved.

    So far *knock on wood* I've never had retention reneg like that.
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    Well, it may be too late now, but at least you've now got a 700p which you can load something like Callrec on for your next encounter with them.
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    DONT GO TO THE SPRINT STORES... They screw you over like none other.. Always call *2 and have them mail you out a phone.. The sprint store will do anything to make a sale and *2 is always fixing the problems the store does.. When I changed to a PV phone(A900) I was told I could keep my old $5 unlimited internet unlimited text plan that I had... called up to activate it and was told I had to change to a PV plan. I told CS what the store told me and the guy basically said they wish they would close the stores down since they are always fixing problems like this.. Anyways ended up giving me $10 Power vision package which includes unlimited picture mail/data and $5 unlimited text. I had him set up 3 of the 5 lines this way and I am guess I was lucky to lock in that price a year+ ago especially now it seems sprint wont give anything away anymore.

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