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    If if get a treo 700p, would I be able to use the data plan while in a partnering networks zone?

    I now have verizon and if I am in alltel's network area I cannot check my voice mail, or use mobile web 2.0 or other certain features.

    Is the vice versa true for altell?
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    On May 9, 2006 Alltel and Sprint Nextel agreed on a new nationwide roaming partnership. Unlike Alltel's voice and 1xRTT roaming agreement with Verizon Wireless, the new reciprocal roaming agreement is for both voice and 1xEV-DO data roaming coverage. This agreement gives Alltel customers access to Sprint's voice, 1xRTT, and 1xEV-DO networks and gives Sprint customers access to Alltel's denser rural 1xEV-DO voice and data coverage. This agreement is the first of its kind between wireless carriers in the United States.

    So, here are the feature you'll have access to while roaming on other networks:

    1xRTT data

    1xRTT (dial-up)data
    EVDO (high speed) data

    Although you might have data access while roaming on another network, you might what to call Alltel's CS and find out what the addition charge will be for roaming data access. Not finding out ahead of time, could end up giving you a pretty pricey bill!
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    thanks that is very informative!!!

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