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    I just called Sprint thinking that I might upgrade my Palm Treo 650 as it is getting a bit long in the tooth. I have a business plan and have five phones on it. I was told they do not offer such a model. It seems that Verizon does:

    Anyone have any idea if Sprint does offer it and I was just misinformed or what? Makes me want to leave Sprint.....

    I actually spoke with retention but the boob on the phone basically said I did not know what I was talking about as Palm did not make a cameraless model and that they did not sell with the 650...... All he offered me to stay with Sprint was giving me the $15 powervision (no pictures) for my current rate of $10. Boy was I excited!

    Thanks for any info or thoughts.


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    At the moment . . . . it looks like just Alltel and Verizon . . .

    I would find it hard to pay Verizon data rates, though.

    (There was a step by step thread on how to remove the 650s camera -- of course -- such a procedure would probably void the warranty.)

    I would Private Message Dragonman and see if he has heard any rumors about Sprint getting the cameraless 700P. . . . .
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    I haven't seen anything, but I doubt it will be available to Retail. Probably be online or thru business only.

    If VZW has it it seems a pretty good chance Sprint will carry it eventually, though.
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