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    Any suggestions for who to speak with, or of a website to find out when Verizon EVDO may become available in my area. At the local VZW store they look puzzled and say "whenever the FCC allows them to activate it". The tech support at VZW thought it should be within the next 3-5 years!

    I'm coming up for "new every two" discount but don't want to use it until EVDO is available and I can select the most capable phone at that time.
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    What is your area? 3 to 5 years!!!!????

    Put in zip code and select broadband access. . . . .

    Or are you in a "You can hear me now -- but just not fast." area?
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    Thanks for the map. That's what I was finding before. I'm in San Luis Obispo (93401) , about 200 miles north of Los Angeles. What seems odd is within California I couldn't find any areas marked "future coverage".

    Does this mean if we don't have it now, it isn't coming any time soon?
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    It appears that your only saving grace is that you are on Route 101 -- and they should eventually run that service up the highway (but not as soon as the interstate).

    I saw other maps with orange (future coverage) but I have no idea as to what they have in mind as a time frame. . . .

    Bummer. Beautiful area -- no technology. Why can't we have both?
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    Why even deal with Verizon, when Sprint is clearly the best when it comes to EV-DO?

    Sprint has already got your area covered! What's more, it's on the REV. A network.

    Now you can have both, Beautiful area and Technology. Plus, if you order through my site and enter "TREOCENTRAL" in the coupon feild, I will give you an additional $50 off my already low price.

    You will also have a 30 day risk free period to make sure it's the right fit.

    Hope this helps!
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    This is what your area with Sprint Coverage looks like:
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    I had thought about Sprint but we have 13 phones with VZW and use texting a LOT. Don't really want to change carriers. VZW has always given good coverage and treated us right.

    Somewhere there has to be a spreadsheet with target rollout dates by region, even if it's by quarters, like 3rd qtr of 2007.

    Thanks for the compliments about the area, we feel very fortunate.
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    I also live in San Luis Obispo, and am a Verizon customer. I've been asking Verizon and their affiliates for a couple years on this now. A couple years ago, one of the techies at the Mill St main branch said it would be in a few months. Right. About 3 months ago I asked the Bestbuy guy and he said the Verizon rep told him it would be two years. But then, I asked two other Verizon people who are hoping now for a couple months.

    It is a key empty spot on the 101 corridor, ots of LA to SF business travel, and a highly visited tourist destination. I shocked they have not done it yet. I remember when 1X came out, it was pretty quick.

    Yes, we have Sprint here, but the maps show that it is tightly wrapped around the highway. I live about ten miles out of town down Orcutt Road in the winery area of Edna Valley. I have a feeling that it is not going to work here. I know I can try it risk free, but I need to buy a notebook computer first, and I only will buy one if I can get EVDO. Catch 22. The Sprint guys cannot tell me if it will work where I am at.

    So, I'm stuck waiting on Verizon while it keeps the big secret.

    What does Cingular have to offer? I know it's not as good technology as EVDO, but would it work pretty well? Better than 1X at least.

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