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    I have the $45 unlimited data plan on my Treo 700p. I know that people have had their service terminated for excessive use of these plans, hitting 10GB or whatever of bandwidth in a month. I usually use around 100MB per month. I was just told by Verizon that regardless of how much bandwidth I use, streaming is a violation of my service contract. They said that it can cause increased latency on the network for other users and that my service can be terminated for using it.

    I upgraded to a 700p for the EVDO, I upgraded to Kinoma 4EX specifically for radio streaming on my 700p. This is one of the primary features of the 700p for me and they're saying that by using it I am violating my contract.

    I'm sure they've got all this wording buried in the pages upon pages of contract somewhere, so if they feel like it they can cancel my contract and I'll be totally screwed.

    There are tens of thousands of Treo users out there, using Kinoma, streaming radio, maybe using pTunes. Whats more, they include the Kinoma streaming engine on the 700p! Maybe this guy was lying to me, I don't know. I am going to continue to use my 700p for streaming radio. If they have the balls to cancel my service and lose my $375/mo. that's just fine, I'll go to Cingular and get an iPhone.
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    I wonder if this is true at Sprint too?
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    What plan of theirs will allow streaming?
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    100mb a month is nothing, don't worry about it. They're not really monitoring what you're doing, they're monitoring your totals for the month. If you go above 5GB you'll be warned or cancelled.

    This is a Verizon specific rule, Sprint users do not worry. There's a huge thread somewhere about folks and their cancellation letters. So, actually that's a really easy way to get out of Verizon contract: they won't even charge you a termination fee!

    So, stream on. Just don't stream 8 hours a day! Unless it's May and you want that iPhone.
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    Verizon doesn't allow streaming of any kind under their terms of use policy in their contract. Sprint however doesn't have that limitation with their EVDO srvc & thats exactly why I just switched to them. All VZW authorizes is to browse the web,check email,download attachments etc....but NO streaming. If you really think about it,why would you pay more for your EVDO plan,have much less RAM to work with,& have such ridiculous limitations on the use of YOUR so-called UNLIMITED plan,when you could easily switch to SERO w/Sprint? Coverage isn't even an excuse any longer b/c you can now roam on VZW's network. Eventually,we will be able to also roam on their EVDO network & not just 1x.
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    See this thread. Many heavy data users have switched to Sprint from Verizon because Verizon strictly will cancel you if you go over 5GB/month. Sprint doesn't have any download limits (although you can't host a web server on Sprint).

    Sprint also roams EVDO on Alltel while Verizon does not. Alltel has massive DO coverage in several Midwest/Southern states, which means combined Sprint/Alltel has way way more DO coverage than Verizon.
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    Thanks for all the info and advice guys.

    I'm going to keep streaming my radio shows. If they cancel my service will they just cancel that one phone line? My account has my phone, which is on its own plan, my EVDO card and my wife's phone is on a family share plan with her sister's phone also on it. The EVDO card is the only one not in a contract.

    If they do cancel me I'll probably go get an iPhone when it comes out. Since my VZW 700p will be useless to me, maybe I'll sell it.
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    Here's the line:

    Anyone using more than 5 GB per line in a given month is presumed to be using the service in a manner prohibited above, and we reserve the right to immediately terminate the service of any such person without notice.

    To check your usage, dial ##DATA, you'll get an SMS telling you how much you've used. Do that periodically, mine says 360MB and i've done some podcast downloads, streamed XM here and there, browsed a whole bunch and my month ends in two days, so getting to 5GB seems tough unless you tether and sling quite a bit.

    That said, XM streams sound pretty good and are only 64kb, but most streams out there are 128kbps so do keep your eyes out.

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