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    Anyone else have this happen? EVDO just came to our area (Central Washingotn State). Was actually here for over 1 month before I found an obscure press release-I have 5 Treo's on our account and they never even let me know it was available. Anyway, After updating the phones to use the EVDO, we each lost about 1 bar of coverage on our cell functions. Have googled and tried Verizon's site, no info found. Anyone else experience this, or know why? Thanks.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 700P in Grand Rapids, MI --- my coverage improved when I moved from the 650 a month ago --- but EVDO had been in place for over a year.
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    We were on 1xRTT, then I did the program update (should mention is a 700w with verizon), then the coverage diminished. Haven't dropped calls or anything, but don't understand how evdo would affect cell.

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