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    I've had a Treo600 and the following plan for about three years so I'm out-of-contract,

    - 2 lines (family plan)
    - 2,000 shared minutes
    - Sprint PCS Vision Professional Pack (unlimited web, unlimited sms)
    - Sprint PCS Business Connection Personal Edition

    I'm paying $100/month. I want to upgrade my phone and Sprint tells me that I'll have to pay another $15/month if I want EVDO. I'd be willing to sign another two year contract, but none of the plans on the Sprint site look all that great compared to what I've got (except that what I've got doesn't support EVDO). I guess the next move is to talk with someone in retention and ask for a better deal, right? Anyone have some advice as to what I might reasonably expect to negotiate? Thanks.
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    Would you be happy with if your bottom line does not change? You are correct - retentions can give you powervision and unlimited SMS for the same price you're paying now. I've done this on 5 lines so far. If you get a nice rep, you can probably do better since you're out of contract. Negotiate a good price for your new phone. If you want a 700, you should be able to get it for $200 to $300, easy. Good luck to you. Just remember to be kind and civil to the retentions rep.
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    Yeah, I'm ok with the amount I'm paying now since it seems better than any of the new plans. I'd be satisfied getting unlimited EVDO and SMS for the same $100/month, but of course if I can pay less I'd like that even better. I'm curious how others have fared - it's much easier to negotiate if you have a good idea of where you can reasonably expect to end up. And I'm always kind and civil, well, excepting the in-laws. Thanks for the info!
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    I used to have unlimited vision and 3500 min across several phone for $125 a month.

    but when they went evdo, they wanted to jack me up to 300 bucks a month.

    they didn't budge much...and I had been a customer for over TEN I had to reduce minutes.

    now I hear they are more reasonable in the retention, so you may be able to get something on par to what you had.

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