Has anyone else had this problem?

It first happened to me in late December, then it happened again a few days ago...

I typically have my VZW mail on my 650 set to sort by Date (so the newest messages are at the top). However, twice now the app has inserted messages from like two months ago to the top (valid, but old messages). The wirelesssync website shows the messages in the correct order (and the list is complete, etc.). So it's got to be something the actual Treo h/w is doing.

I tried restarting the Treo, doing a full Sync and SyncXpress, etc. Can't figure out what caused it or how to fix it.

In the meantime, I found that sorting by "Unread" has the effect I want (though I don't know how entirely).

Wondering if I should go through Tech Support hell or if anyone else has seen this and figured it out already?

Thanks in advance...and Happy New Year!


PS: F/W is Treo650-1.05a-VZW
(Latest, I think.)