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    My wife and I just moved into our new home in a part of New Orleans that still doesn't have a whole lot of services. We've been relying on our Sprint Vision service (her's on a 650, mine the EVDO on a 700p), for internet access on our computers for the last few days. Yesterday I desperately needed to download an install CD for Edubuntu and decided to bite the bullet and try it out with the 700p tethered to my Macbook with USB modem doing the DUN work. I was using a new greedy bittorrent client (bittyrant) to DL the newest Edubuntu torrrent. Long story short: on a 700MB download I averaged 141KB/s for the torrent. I couldn't believe the numbers myself but the whole thing took less than two hours to download. Has anyone else had numbers this high? It seems to be well above the high for EVDO.

    I've used the EVDO as a backup every now and then and always been happy, but now I'm absolutely floored. With EVDO-A I can't imagine what it would be like. Anyway, bully for Sprint and EVDO.

    (Btw, I was a VERY happy T-Mobile customer since the dawn of time and begrudgingly moved to Sprint this summer. I'm still not so happy about the lack of easy phone portability a-la SIM cards and the fact that CS actually closes, but I'm getting happier)

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    I consistently get speeds of around 250 kbps with my data card, which operates on the same Power Vision network.

    Also, Rev A will do nothing to boost download speeds. Upload speeds are what will go up.
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    Actually that is not true. I've never seen Rev0 go over 2Mbps download but a RevA card can...

    RevA also improves latency. It's possible to go as low as 50-80ms while Rev0 generally does not go below 130ms.
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    I don't know about the consistency of speeds but agree that EVDO is dynamite. This alone makes upgrades worthwhile.
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    evdo is nice, but evdo rev a. (which is only in data cards/usb adapters) is the schiznit.

    I've seen 1.5Mbps up and 1Mbs down, and the experience on a laptop is damn good.

    It's like a T-1 line in your pocket.

    Holy smokes.

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