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    I have a 700p and use a MacBook laptop.

    My question: Is it safe to use Verizon's wireless sync function AND also hotsync with palm desktop or entourage?

    I don't want to duplicate data i.e. calendar, memo, phone book. By default Verizon's wireless sync does not advise using more than one sync because of this danger.

    Does anyone successfully use wireless sync and also enable their Treo to fully hotsync with a desktop PIM?

    Thank you.
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    Well, since no one has responded yet I guess that I might have to give it a try and report my findings here.

    First step of course is to back up all my data!

    Wish me luck.
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    I just saw this. I have been using vzw sync and desktop on a pc for 6 months with no worries. I view vzw sync as a backup for the most part, but is good for email retrieval. Good luck.
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