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    1. For new activations and number ports from carriers other than Sprint, go to
    2. Enter one of the Sprint employee email addresses below. If you first choice doesn't work, try another.
    3. Enter your zip code.
    4. Hit the "Sign up for Sprint" button
    5. Pick your phone.
    6. Pick your plan.
    7. Wait for your phone to arrive.
    8. Enjoy all the fantastic features of the Sprint Employee Referral Offer.

    I have compiled this list by searching Google far and wide. In no way do I guarantee that all of these email addresses will work when attempting to use them to activate a SERO line of service. I would strongly advise against using the first 2 addresses listed.

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    Wound this not be considered dis honest.
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    this thread is giving people information to commit fraud !
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    Why would you post E-mail address of people without their expressed permission? Thanks to the Mods for correcting this!!

    If anyone wants a sero referral see the other thread about Merry Christmas from Sprint. You can get one LEGITIMATLY untill 12/18 from me.
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