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    Does anyone have one of these they don't use - or one they are willing to sell?

    For those who don't know what I mean, let me explain. In every SPRINT Treo box (from the 650 forward, I think).... there is a little 3-inch long power adapter. One side fits into the treo and the other side accepts power adapters for (some) other sprint phones.

    It let's those who to a treo from some standard sprint phones to use their old cords. I need one to complete a holiday gift.

    Does anyone have one they can spare or sell? Please?

    This adapter may still be in the box (be the one you didn't know what it did).

    If so, please let me know. You can reply or IM me!

    Happy Holidays.

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    If you can't find one cheap, you can buy them from Palm:
    - Fushigi
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    I didn't know that. Thanks very much.

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    I have gone into retail locations and just asked a "cool" employee for a new charger adapter. I say "cool" because he had a treo and seemed to know a bit about the phone as apposed to most employees who are helpless.

    A merely told him that I lost my adapter and asked how I could get a new one. he rummaged in the back for a sec and then handed me one still in the packaging.

    I think the key was just being honest and friendly... and faining a bit of ignorance.

    Try it, if it doesn't work, just go to one of the other Sprint store.


    P.S. I got my last adapter in a mall store. they seem to have the most traffic and returned phones, ie. spare parts

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