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    I recently bought a treo 700p for use on the SprintPCS network, and I'm having the most bizarre problem. I have good (almost perfect) reception at my apartment on my treo 700p, yet when someone tries to call me, my phone won't ring. The caller will hear ringing on their side and eventually the call goes to voicemail, but I don't get a missed call notice. Outgoing calls are almost never a problem.

    Has anyone ever experienced this problem before? I'm not sure if its a treo 700p issue or a sprint issue because I have no way to test it. Sprint CS has been absolutely no help at all, and I've spent probably at least 15 hours on the phone with those idiots.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any insight
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    Press ##3836# (##evdo#) and make sure both are unchecked. If you have 1x checked, every time your Treo works in background it will send all calls straight to voicemail. When EvDO is on, it will pause so the call can come in. Other than that it might be you Treo aint programed right (MSL Code) Sprint does that a lot.
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    Thanks for the quick reply -

    I checked and both EVDO and 1xrtt are unchecked. Also, sprint has probably programmed and reprogrammed my phone 4 times now...

    Unfortunately no solution yet...this is truly getting very frustrating.

    I want to love my new sprint service, but they're just not letting me!
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    Take it into a Sprint Store and demand new one. Don't take no for an answer.
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    It may just be an issue with Sprint, not your phone. That's happened to me several times, sometimes their network just farts a little. Wait another day or two & see what happens.

    Also- what 3rd party apps do you have installed? I had a problem with my phone not ringing a year ago & it was a program that for some reason sent every call to voicemail.

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