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    I know this is THE Treo forum, but I am looking for some insight into which of the two devices, the sprint 700wx, or the sprint pcs-6700, now EOL is better for tethering, or are they both comparable?

    I ordered a 6700 for 250.00$, but they shipped me a 700wx. I figured, okay, device is worth 500$ or so in the open market, if I really hate it, I could ebay it and get a 6700, or better yet, a 6800 when that comes out.

    But, my real purpose for this device is to use my slingplayer software, and to tether for the times when there is no WIFI. I want to be able to tether "transparently" to sprint, and just use the unlimited powervision account I have now.

    So, ultimatly, I'd like to be able to do Bluetooth DUN, but USB DUN is okay. I have the feeling, that Bluetooth DUN, I could still use my hx4700 pocketpc, and get the highspeed from the treo 700wx, or the 6700 for that matter.

    Are EITHER of these two devices better for tethering? Does one provide better throughput? Does one provide better "coverage" of the fact that I am tethering and don't have a PAM account?

    Any real world experiences would be appreciated
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    anyone have any input?
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    Technically speaking, the 6700 is better at tethering for one simple reason. It does not require a hack to do BT or USB tethering of the EvDO radio. It's the only EvDO smartphone that this is true of. On the other hand, with various hacks available (PDAnet, USBmodem, generic hacks), it's not like the Treo 700w, 700wx, or 700p are really any worse off.

    In short, the distinctions are not remarkable.
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    I use the 700wx with PDAnet on Sprint to teather. Couldn't work better! No billingissues either.

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