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    I just bought a 700p from Verizon, used my NE2. I got home and installed the software CD onto my PowerBook. It had me restart and before doing the first hotsync I checked what it was going to install onto my new 700p. It looks like its got a lot of files related to "MultiMail" and there's also a "Sprint PCS Software Store.prc". What the heck is this? Sprint software on a VZW install CD? Did they mess up somewhere? The disk does have the VZW logo on it.

    And what's this "AirSAM" and "BGService" stuff?

    I'm not sure about all this. Its got DocsToGo, which I want. But I'm thinking about just clearing out this list and starting from scratch with just DocsToGo and then other stuff that I want to install and forgetting about all the rest of this default stuff.
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    sounds odd
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    I decided to clear out everything it was trying to install and start from scratch. I definitely don't want all that Sprint stuff clogging up my phone, I don't even want some of the Verizon stuff thats stuck in the ROM.

    I'm trying to decide if/who I should tell about this. It would seem to me that Verizon would like to know that they're handing out Sprint software with their Treos.

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