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    Last night about 2:30 AM, I turned on my Treo 700p (which I just got last Friday), and there was a dialogue box stating that I'd have to reset my Treo since it had been updated. I saw in the background another dialogue box stating something about a Sprint update.

    Does Sprint push out automatic updates or something? Do they occur on a regular schedule? How often can I expect these updates to occur? Do these only deal with Sprint software/firmware? Or would this be how a Palm O.S. firmware update would arrive, as well?
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    Sprint occassionally pushes out these updates. Since your 700P is new and been on somebody's shelf for awhile -- your activation caused it to be recognized and that it needed an update.

    These are small software updates.

    Major updates require a download to your PC and a step by step manual install process.

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    Yes, they do send out updates. However, they are arrive on "as needed" basis. I've downloaded this update, but have not had a chance to see the details of the upgrade. It appears to be significant face lift.

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    Mark -- was it an OTA download?
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    It was. It was the standard -- do you want to update Sprint BizConn type of message. I believe it has all of the standard features and more, but I can't find a couple yet.

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