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    Ttrundle I will call you tomorrow. I have one last thing I can try to determine if it is in fact a coverage hole.
    Okay thanks If it is a "hole" it's pretty small i.e., 1-2 houses in either direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman View Post
    I ddon't see why there is still confusion.
    In a word: SERO

    I've been with verion since early 2000's and moved over to sprint to take the "deal."

    So no, I would not know about how sprint works or anything else about sprint. Also wording on sprint's and palm's sites seem to want people to be confused... it is really bad.

    Thanks for the info though... maybe next time with a little less lip service.
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    Sorry if the tone seemed lippy as that wasn't my intent. I meant as informational but was surprised so few people knew about. I forgot that people have lives beyond TC.
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    yeah i just got an email from sprint saying the same, but this doesnt explain why palm's website refers ppl to sprint for repairs?


    also, if i have trouble with my 700wx now, do i mail it in to palm? how much would they charge for a clear manufacturer defect?
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