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    I'm trying to get versamail to send mail using my vzw account. I'm getting an authentication error.

    I'm using
    username: <10 digit phone>
    pwd: the same one I use on

    Any ideas?

    The phone# and pwd work on the vtext site.
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    If you are only trying to send mail through VZW, then you don't need the username and password. I have 3 different email accounts that all receive mail from mail servers with different usernames and passwords. They all have the same outgoing server: Most ISPs allow outgoing mail to go through their smtp servers for subscribers even if the mail is from another account.
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    I removed the authentication info and tried again...

    I get the message:

    550 5.7.1
    <destination email address>...Relaying denied. Proper authentication required.

    Any ideas?
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    What service are you trying to use email with (gmail, yahoo, etc)?
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    I'm trying to send / receive my RoadRunner email via VersaMail on Verizon.

    I get my email fine. My problem is when I go to send. I can't use RoadRunner's SMTP server since they prohibit off-network devices from doing that. Since Verizon has an SMTP server that's what I'm trying to use but I haven't had success yet.

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