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    I mean current and/or NEAR future ones? Its time for an upgrade and I'm on Sprint. SO, what choices do I have? I know about the 700P and 700W but are there any others? Like 680, 700Wx or 750? or anything else?
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    The 650/700 series are all CDMA. The 750 and 680 are THOSE OF THE OTHER WORLD - the GMS world. Ben
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    Actually the 650 is available as either CDMA or GSM. Otherwise bclinger got it right.
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    Yep, I knew that...I forgot that...oh darn that. Ben
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    Neither device is exclusively one technology. It's all up to what the carriers request. Palm can make them in any flavor requested. Moreover, the 680 and the 750 are just the GSM versions of the 650 and 700wx, minus the stub antenna.

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