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    I recently pulled a bone headed move on ebay i bought a treo i thought was for sprint and i just found out it is for verizon. I was wondering if there is any way to switch it over. and if there is possibly problems i will have with the phone.
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    you are stuck - Sprint will not activate an ESN number that is not their's and the same for Verizon.
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    I got a Treo 700wx as a promotion and it is activated on a Sprint promotional system. I want to give this phone to a friend but want to deactivate the "free promotional" account and switch to a "paid" Sprint account. How can I do it without letting Sprint know? On GSM phones, it is pretty trivial as all you have to do is swap the SIM cards but do not know how to do it for Sprint CDMA phones. Any help is appreciated?
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    You can't do something that without letting Sprint know since there aren't SIM cards in CDMA phones. The replacement phone's ESN has to be programmed to your account, which only Sprint can do. I doubt they'll care if you change phones, but I'm not familiar with their promotions or terms so don't quote me on that.

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