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    I think Sprint is trying to screw me on my rebates. I bought two phones a couple months ago, both with an instant rebate & a $100 mail-in rebate each. I followed all the directions & sent them off on time. I got an email stating that I could not redeem my rebates b/c I recieved the instant rebates. Nowhere was this stated in the store, by any reps, or on any paperwork. I told them this & said that they better send me my rebates or else I'd report them to the BBB for false advertising. Then I get an email saying that they'll be happy to send my rebates once I pay my past due balance. I paid it 3 days ago, and I haven't heard from them since.

    Has this kind of crapola happened to anyone else or am I just special? Is this kind of run-around a common thing with Sprint? I've had them for about 4 years but have never had to redeem a rebate before.
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    That is common for rebates with any company. It's always best to keep a copy of everything you mail in just in case. Don't give in and you should get your rebates.
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    That's the plan, *sigh*... I hate this crap, whatever happened to honesty & integrity?

    I love your sig BTW, Bender rules. Although Zoidberg is my very favorite
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