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    this is my first post and it may get a little confusing......

    i am currently a sprint customer on the fair and flexible plan 0-800 min. my wife an i have never used more than about 300 anytime minutes, since most of our calls are sprint-to-sprint, with family and friends or nights and weekends.

    i am thinking about asking to get out of the current contract with no termination fee, due to the rate hike for text-messaging (i don't have a text plan).

    the thing is that i really want to stay with sprint (due to friends and family mostly being with sprint, and the fact that i have never really had any real problems with sprint), i was thinking about signing up for a new contract with sprint for the new FF plan with 0-500 minutes. this would save me about $20/ month.

    the other and more important issue......i am thinking about getting a treo, and don't hate me for this but i really like the new 680. i know that it may not be released as a CMDA phone for a while, but i actually am willing to wait on it or a similar antenna-less treo.....will sprint let me/us keep our current phones with the new plan and "upgrade" later with the discount from the new plan?

    i know that this can best be answered by a sprint rep, and i plan on contacting them tomorrow, but i was just wondering if anyone has tried this before or might know what to expect sprint's response to be. it seems that they should be pretty comliant, seeing that i could just walk away from the company, but i am choosing to stay.

    thanks in advance!

    oh and also from past it better to go to a sprint store or to call retentions/customer servi ce for stuff like this?
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    Call, the help in the store will not be useful.

    You might just ride things out another month or so till the 680 is in the stores.
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    it's best to call sprint retentions directly. but still, expect to get different answers from different reps. if one guy won't help you, hang up and call again to talk to someone else.
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    thanks guys
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    On the FFP going from 0-800 min. down to 0-500 min. only saves you $10.00. Also if you start a new plan the base $69.00 now only offers 700 min. estead of 800 min. but you do get 7:00 P.M. starts for free in exchange.
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    just got off the phone with retentions....

    new contract with:
    - 0-800 FF minutes
    - nights and weekends @7 (previously was 8)
    - 300 texts/month/line
    - free roaming
    -$15/month service bill will be $75-$15

    my wife is eligible for a -$150 upgrade

    i am eligible for a -$75 upgrade and they will give me an additional $75 service credit on the month that i buy a new phone.

    anyway thanks for the advice....this was thru retentions, after mentioning the change of price for texting

    one more question.....does anyone know when we might see an antenna-less treo for sprint?

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