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    Hello, I had a used Treo 600 that I sold and the person that bought it took it to the Sprint store and they were able to activate the phone, however, the Sprint representative claimed that the Treo was "unlocked" to work on the Verizon network and would only connect to the Verizon towers.

    I was under the impression that Sprint only allowed Sprint phones to be activated on their network in which case I did not think this was possible, but if it is, how would I go about rectifying this problem? Thank you.
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    my guess is this was a Sprint T600 converted to Verizon. Sound like they may have converted back and didn't do it right.

    If so, suggest you check threads on Sprint to Verizon conversion. Also it is possible their is something wrong with the radio, not sensing Sprint correctly
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    Sounds like a blessing to me. Verizon gets better reception and there's no forced-roaming option on the 600... does data roaming work?
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