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    OK, before my friend went to Hawaii last month, her times for TM's were west coast. Except she lives here on the East Coast. Then, my Dad's messages to me started doing the same thing, 3 hours earlier as the time.

    When she was in Hawaii they were 9 hours off instead of just the 6, now she's back home in VA - back to 3 hours off.

    SOOO, is this my phone - or Verizon? (OHHH, she has Verizon also, and my Dad & I are on a Family share, so he's obviously with Verizon too). I have no time to call them right now - it's not critical. Just bugs me!

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    The same thing happens to me. I have no idea why it's like that.
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    I read somewhere that it is based on the time the SMS is received and confirmed by the device and the location/time zone it is based upon.

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    This just happened to me today and may even have happened earlier but I just noticed it happen on one text from today. Here is what happened. I sent a text to a friend on mine on verizon (I'm on sprint) 1 minute later I get his reply and it is time/date stamped to have been sent 3 hours before the actual time. We are both in the same time zone (and county in the state). Has anyone found out why it happened?

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