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    I previously owned a Palm Tungsten E2 and enjoyed the calendar, GPS, and documents to go capabilities. My Verizon samsung phone recently broke, so I thought why not combine Palm with Phone and get both features.

    I now have the Palm Treo 650. Right after purchasing the phone, Verizon tried pushing the Data Plan on me, which I refused because I figure I can get internet and email almost anywhere I go in my town, so why pay an extra 24 dollars a month on top of my current wireless bill. I could use that cash to pay for my dsl service for that price! I digress...

    I need a straight answer on this question, if I purchase 2.99 text messages, then would I need the data plan on top of that? A salesman gave me the run around saying sending text is the same as data, so without the data plan, my monthly bill could be astronomical. I just want text messages without data.

    Thank you very much
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    you should be fine with just text messaging. if I remember right texts do not use data, HOWEVER pix/flix messages do use data. for extra insurance you may want to get verizon to put a "data block" on your account... basically they make it so you CANNOT use data even if you wanted too. that should save you from any unwanted usage charges.

    Oh and many wil say that you can't block the data but I know several people at howardforums that have done so. just call VZW and insist on it. it CAN be done.

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