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    Guys, I need some retention help. Iíve been a long time Sprint customer since 1999 but have never tried to get any retention deals. Iím currently looking for an unlimited data plan with a Treo 700p.

    My current plan:
    Sprint PCS Fair & Flex AMER for FAMILIES
    * 800 Anytime Minutes Are Shared On This Plan
    * $69.99 Minimum Monthly Charge
    * AMERICA - ROAMING Included
    * Nationwide Long Distance Included
    * Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins. Included
    * Nights: M-Th 9PM-7AM Wknd: F 9PM-M 7AM
    * Caller ID, Call Waiting
    * Three-way Calling
    * Voicemail
    100 SMS - $5.00/month
    Unlimited PCS to PCS
    Nights starting at 6pm - $10.00/month
    2 additional lines - $10.00/line/month
    23% Corporate Discount

    Total bill incl taxes - $95/month


    All I need is a Treo with unlimited email, web access (I dunno if this is different from the power vision/sprintTV stuff) and possibly modem function.

    A friend of mine just got a Treo for $200 and unlimited internet added to his plan for free. Do you think I could work anything similar given that Iím still under contract? I want to make sure Iím asking something reasonable.

    Thanks for any insight...
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    OK, so I just called and talked with the rep for a few minutes. She said the best she could offer me was $450 for the phone and didn't offer anything else. I didn't schmooze too much, but she's going to call me back after i "talk with my family" about my options.

    Any thoughts? I was cordial, but we didn't get to socialize like some people have suggested. How can I try to get her to add on the power vision for free? Should I just be blunt and tell her what I want?
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    If you don't need a family plan, try to get moved over to a SERO plan. Unlimited powervision is included on all SERO plans.
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    The thing is, I get a coporate discount. Would I be able to get sero plans AND a corporate discount on each line?
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    Yes, you can get a corporate discount and SERO. I have the $49.99 plan for 1250 minutes, plus a 12% discount. I recommend going to, search the forum for "SERO". You'll see an official SERO thread. Read the first post. Last thing--keep trying, eventually you'll find a rep that will help you out. If they tell you no, just say you'll talk to your family and try again the next day.
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    I got shot down several times for the corp discount on my SERO plan. I got mine done through the email support link in my account homepage.
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    You need to be convincing that you're gonna bail. That $150 means nothing to you (or whatever the bail-fee is) if Verizon is giving you the phone for, etc. etc. And your wife loves their razor, etc. etc. And Verizon voice network is better in your area, and your company uses Verizon. You get the idea.

    Just keep calling back, but realize they "take notes."

    Here's my (non SERO) plan, and it's just over $100/mo. AFTER all taxes and discounts. I got this two months into a new contract, so that didn't seem to have any effect in my situation. Realize, however, that they "screwed up" a number of times, and I've spent hours setting my account straight.

    2500 anytime minutes, shared between two lines
    500 text messages on each line (1000, total)
    Included: Sprint 2 Sprint Calls
    Power Vision (the "second" level) for each phone
    Nights and Weekends beginning at 7:00 PM
    Insurance on the Treo, only (the $6 insurance plan)

    Also, I purchased the 700p for $250. And they gave me a $150 discount on my wife's phone. She has some razor-look-alike by Samsung.

    All in all, I'm pleased, though I'll add they outright lied to me. I was supposed to get all the above for $15 less per month, and that never happened. When I threatened to jump ship (this was like the 3rd call, trying to fix what they'd promised and not delivered) they finally said, sure, we can help you cancel. That was the end of the line, heh. Good luck.
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    I appreciate all the replies...Today when the rep called me back, she offered to give me the phone for $300. After deliberating, I decided to take it. She also gave me Powervision for $5/month, which isn't that great, but I was paying $5 for she switched me to 500 SMS for free.

    all in all, I got the Treo 700p for $300
    Added powervision for $5
    removed old $5/100 SMS plan
    Added free 500 SMS txts

    So I'm paying the exact same billas before, but getting the Treo, unlimited PowerVision, and 400 more txt msgs.
    I'm happy, although this is probably a very amateur result.

    I appreciate all the help. I think giving the rep an extra day to call me back and to drag out the deliberation helps...the more time and effort they spend on you, the more they will bend. My problem was that I ran out of things to say...she dropped an additional $150 on the phone from yesterday.

    I shoulda used the "my wife likes the razr" line.

    Thanks again.
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    I think it's getting more difficult (which is why Sprint is increasing costs and lowering the number of overage minutes that used to be allocated in their plans and such). Wait a couple of days, and call back to verify. They WILL screw up. And you only have a limited time to return your Treo, which you can use as threat-leverage. I think 15 days, but I'm not sure. Check that bill,too. I'm not kidding, it took me like 5 calls to almost get what I was promised. I was so PO'd I would have dropped them but for Verizon's expensive data plans.
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    can I ask what Sprint phone number you called to get this?
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    My deal was not so great either through retention. I am just too lazy to call in a 5th and 6th, etc time until I find someone there desperate enough in their numbers to offer the works... I obviously got nowhere on the phone deals. (This was my forth call in for a better deal sadly.)

    Also, my retention person, a very friendly lady, said that there have been recent retention dept. changes that make it harder for them to give away larger discounts. She certainly could be blowing smoke up my @rse, but she seemed nice enough so I don't care too much.

    What my lacluster deal got me:

    2100 minutes shared family plan - $109.99 (no discount)
    upgraded to a palm 700p - $399 (nothing there)
    2nd phone/line added with another 700p - $399 (ditto)
    3rd phone/line added with free A640 - free (marginal $20 instant discount)
    Power Vision on my phone for $5 ($15 credit per month)
    Vision on other 700p line for $5 ($10 credit per month)
    3rd line usual $9.99 fee waved ($10 credit per month)
    500 text messages per treo - free x 2 (not a big deal)
    no roaming fees (nothing special there)
    nights and weekends at 7pm (nothing special there)
    sprint to sprint free (nothing special there)
    activation waved (duh...)
    free shipping (who would pay for that?)

    The only saving grace is that I still have my *cough, cough* 25% company discount (it's been 2 years since i left them... lol). I think that is why I was so lazy in fighting for better start up terms on the phones... Oh well...

    $119.99 - $31.25 = $88.75 plus taxes for 3 lines
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    thor - great deal - luckily they are not too strict on the corp. discount once you have it. I have found in the past that just sending emails to eCare got me some freebies - besides a 10% loyalty discount on my last renewal, I have free Vision for my 650, 500 text msgs on all three lines and N&W starting at 6PM for free. I did all 3 of these at seperate times over a 2 month period just by sending in "nice" email requests. I have been at Sprint for about 8 years and there are others who have more than me, but I am pretty happy.
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    Could you provide a sample of what you email to eCare to get the freebies?

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    Sure - I did this for free Vision:

    "Hello - I have been a happy customer for over 8 years.
    I currently have 2 lines of service and will be adding a third line later this month. My month bill will be over $100/mo. I am inquirying to see if I could add the $10/mo Vision Access Pack for no charge to just one line (XXX-XXX-XXXX)."

    Or this for Text Messaging:

    "We have been with Sprint for over 8 years and we appreciate the excellent service and the previous free services add to our account. I would like to add text messaging to our family plan on all 3 lines. Considering my monthly average bill is $115, could the 100 text messages per month option be added for no additional cost?"

    They actually came back and gave me 500 for each line, but I had to extend my contact for 2yrs but I was only 4 months into my latest and I am not switching anytime soon, so no biggie.

    Yes, I actually keep these emails for future reference just in case!

    Good Luck!

    Oh, one other thing about doing the web-based email - I write my offline and then cut and paste it into the web email system. That thing will time out sometimes. If you don't get an auto-reply that it has been received within a few hours of sending - it probably was not received.
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    It's a minor hassle, but for now the OP can take advantage of Sprint's change-in-service (increased text messages to $0.15), and get out without early-termination penalty through 10/31/06.

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