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    I'm kind of new to this and i havent been able to confirm it...

    I want to buy a Treo 650 from one of two people, one has Sprint, one has Verizon

    I have 3 contracts with Alltel and I want to put the new Treo on one of these

    I know how to flash the rom (I've been playing with a Treo for almost a week now) but what I'm not sure of is whether i need the seller's MSL
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    I was wondering if there is any way to take a verizon phone and switch it to sprint, any ideas or thoughts? a treo 650?
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    If Alltel accepts the ESN from a phone that they did not originally provide, then you will have success using a Verizon phone on Alltel's network. Verizon does not use a subsidy lock on their phones like Sprint does. However, Verizon only accepts ESNs from phones that they sell. So the reverse (using an Alltel phone on Verizon) doesn't work.

    It used to be different. My first Treo 650 was a Sprint phone I converted to work on Verizon, but that was before Verizon started instituting their Verizon-only ESN policy.

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