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    Noticed that the Palm website listed a new ROM update, 1.05, for Alltel, posted Sept. 18, '06. But the "what's new" is the exact same list as that for the previous update, 1.04. To further confuse the matter, Alltel's website points to the Cellular South/Other CDMA 1.04 update as the new update for it's Treo. Who's right, Alltel or Palm? Or is this just a case of the webpage not yet being updated entirely (i.e. more info to come)?!?
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    Hmm... this is interesting. Alltel's link *used* to be correct, as Alltel's Treo 650 was previously grouped in with the "Other CDMA" crowd. So, my guess is that Alltel hasn't yet updated their web page to go to the Alltel-specific link. The phones even follow the "Other CDMA" identifier of having a serial number that begins with PTGC0.

    For some reason, though, Alltel now has it's own version of the updater. The big question now is... what exactly got updated?

    I may see about updating mine, knowing that I can always go back to the 1.04 firmware if needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allocentric View Post
    I may see about updating mine, knowing that I can always go back to the 1.04 firmware if needed.
    Let us know how it goes. I don't think I kept the 1.04 download, and everything is working well for me now, I'm a bit leary about updating unless I know there is a definate advantage. Thanks!
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    Hopefully this won't disappoint too much, but I've also decided to hold off as well. Since there isn't an obvious reason to update (as you've noted the file list for the update is the same as 1.04), there's really no sense to go through the hassle of a firmware update.

    So, I'm going to stick with 1.04 for now. No sense in potentially messing that up.
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    What is the Treo 650 Updater 1.05 for Alltel?

    Performance enhancements:

    Offers improved performance when using "push" email solutions, such as Intellisync or Good
    Includes Versamail 3.1F, the latest version for the Treo 650 smartphone including an updated Mail Service (ISP) list which includes Gmail support
    Updates bundled third-party software (Windows only): If any of these bundled applications are on your smartphone, the installer will replace them with versions compatible with the Treo 650 Update.

    Documents To Go version (
    Handmark Pocket Express version 1.3 r1254 (
    Zap!2016 version 1059 (
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    Thanks, wbdillworth, and welcome to TreoCentral.

    It took Palm a l-o-n-g time to get a proper description posted to their site (note that this thread is from September). The original description page for the firmware update only had the description from 1.04, and so that was the cause of confusion which kicked off this thread. Plus, those who who upgraded didn't see any differences, obviously, since it was all "behind the scenes".

    The updated firmware description has actually been up for a while now (at least a month), but I simply never got around to resurrecting this old thread. Thanks for bringing it up to date, wbdillworth.

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