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    I've called 3 times and talked to 3 different people and they all told me the same thing. I've been with them for 2 years and my contract has expired, so I called in the first 2 times and threatend to cancel, but they seemed more than happy to help me with that, so I just changed the subject about a deal for the 700wx. They all gave me the $499 is the best they can do. My question is, can I get this phone for $299 or less with a 2 year deal from sprint.

    I also asked about the SERO plan and they all told me that I had to actually be referred by an employee. I asked if they could refer me and they said they only had a limited referels to give out. Help on this as well.
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    I would just keep trying with retentions. You might get lucky, but remember to be friendly and strike up a conversation with them.

    For SERO, go to a Sprint store and get a business card of one of the agents. Their email address is on the card and you now have a referral.
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    The people over the phone said I could sometimes get a better deal if I just go into the store. Anyone know which is better for a good deal. Is asking $299 for the Treo 700wx possible?

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