I have a T650 right now on Sprint and use PDANet to tether when my primary ISP is down. With Sprint, my "unlimited" data (aka Vision) is $15/month but its not EVDO (due to the T650, if I bought a T700 it would be EVDO at no additional charge from what I've read but I have to pay full price for a T700 or work a deal through customer retenion).

I am considering making the switch to Verizon, all of my friends are on Verizon and being on the same carrier as them would save a lot of minutes and the EVDO data connection would be wonderful (and of course upgrading to a cheap 700p would be great). The plan I am considering is the Core Choice 450 (450 anytime, unlimited data, unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited "in") for $80. But that's pretty much what I have now with Sprint for $50. So, its $30 more a month. My wireless internet ISP is $25 a month, so if I can use the Verizon "unlimited data" and tether my Treo to my laptop, I could cancell my ISP and just about break even. The concern I have is that the "unlimited" data isnt really unlimited. True? ANd is there anyway around it (a hack/fix/program)?