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    I generally don't flame companies without very good reason. I had been a happy Sprint customer for over eight year before today. I have had my Treo 650 for nearly two years, and had been biding my time before going in to purchase a Treo 700. I had been told a few months back that as I had my phone for such a long period of time, that I qualified for a $150 discount towards an upgraded phone. When I went in today, I discovered that this discount had evaporated in that period because I had to take advantage of the Lockline insurance program, so "technically" I had my phone replaced in the couple of months that had gone by. So, in essence, my insurance just cost me $150. Plus the $50 deductable. Plus the cost of the monthly payments for the last two years. In short, I could have afforded to purchase a replacement for what the insurance just cost me.

    I know that insurance is a gamble, but the gamble is supposed to be whether or not you are going to need it. If you ever have to use it, it is supposed to pay off. I am half tempted to go outside and smash my phone and claim it again. Just before I cancel my insurance plan.
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    I was told that I would still qualify for a discount when I was in there to change my phone number after I moved. They told me that, in order to change my number, I would have to sign up for another two year contract. I asked them why I would do that, when I could just as easily go over to Verizon or Cingular, get a new number from them, and get a discounted phone to boot. I mean, it wasn't like I was trying to keep my phone number or anything. That is when they assured me that I could still get a discounted phone when I was ready.

    T - 413 days and counting until my Sprint contract expires. Actually, I found out that it only costs $150 to buy myself out of my contract, which is only half of my monthly phone bill.
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    I've found that when speaking to Sprint CC on the phone that I've gotten leverage (transferred to retention) when I remind them that it may be worth it for me to cancel since it is only half of my current bill. Think about it... which would you prefer half a bill and lose a customer or the full bill AND the customer. YMMV

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    I have had 3 phone replacements with warranty and lockline combined and everytime gotten my $150 discount with sprint on new phones. In every instance I was told that replacements tdue to warranty repairs or damage/locklines do not count to reset the $150 discount. They DO reset the time frame in their computer system but if the rep actually READS your account notes and you tell them "Hey, this was through a warranty/replacement they CAN override it and should still give the $150 disc to you. I only had a problem once and told them to read my notes because the phone was replaced due to defect and still got my discount with manager approval.

    Try to talk to someone else and make sure you point out the fact that you didnt just up and buy a new phone, but there was a actual reason your ESN changed that was beyond your control. You shouldnt be penalized for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Druce MacFarlane View Post
    I am half tempted to go outside and smash my phone and claim it again. Just before I cancel my insurance plan.
    Careful, I heard that with Asurion taking over the Lockline insurance coverage, phones that have been "dropped" are no longer covered.

    Seriously, I did read this on TC.

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