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    Sorry to continue with the noob questions -- I'm new to considering Sprint, and want to know the real deal from people that use it (the Sprint reps aren't very helpful...).

    Anyway, I don't care about video, etc., but I do need internet access. Will the $15 Power Vision plan option get me unlimited data? And, I know there's the $40 unlimited modem/data option, but can I get away with using 700wx DUN with the $15 Power Vision plan (using pdanet, for example) without incurring per-KB charges?

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    Yes, you can use PDANet combined with the $15 plan and get unlimited data. I've been using the same setup for over a year now, that's why, in my opinion, Sprint can't be beat...$15 for what everyone else charges $50-$80. I don't know if PDANet works with the Wx though, so you may want to look into that.
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    Here is an update today from PCS Intel:

    Sprint Power Viewer Launched Today

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