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    I just got a new Treo 700P from Sprint. If you go to a Sprint store, you can pick up a yellow flyer that has three phones on the front, including the 700P. The flyer says you get $150 "Instant Savings" and then after that it says "Take advantage of an additional $100 mail-in-rebate on these select phones." -again, there's just three phones on the flyer. On the back, there is a form to fill out and mail in for your rebates.

    NOBODY at Sprint, either at the store or on the phone, has ANY CLUE what this extra $100 is about. On the phone, one CSR said it's a manufacturer rebate (the flyer is all Sprint and says nothing about it being MFR.) -I called Palm and they said there are NO manufacturer rebates for Sprint phones right now. I called Sprint again and another CST said they knew nothing about the $100 rebate.

    The back of the form says it's good through 9/30/06. Does anyone know ANYTHING about this rebate? Help!
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    I hadn't heard about it but I'm going to a store to pick one up and send it in. It might work.
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    That's a nice gift, if it works. Seems like employees/Sprint don't know anything, but what else is new?
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    If it's the one I've seen, which I think it is, then it is for new business accounts.

    Is this it? If not, can you post it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aph View Post
    If it's the one I've seen, which I think it is, then it is for new business accounts.

    Is this it? If not, can you post it?
    Thanks for the link! Just activated my new Sprint line with my corporate discount and never knew they offered an additional $100 mail-in-rebate.
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    Yes, that is exactly it.

    The worst part is, absolutely NOBODY at Sprint in any department or even at the stores knows ANYTHING about it. Sprint called me yesterday to have me take a customer satisfaction survey about my call to Sprint 2 days before (which was really a half-dozen calls, half-hours on hold at a time, with half a dozen sales & customer support reps and supervisors.) They said the survey would take about 4 minutes. First question: Rate your level of satisfaction with your call. Answer: None. -Okay, thank you. That was the END of the survey.

    I asked the survey woman incredulously if that was it, and she said yes. I said "You don't even want to know what was so unsatisfactory?" -so she transferred me to customer support, where I explained that I was disappointed and still confused as to how NO personnel at Sprint know
    ANYTHING about the extra $100 mail-in rebate. And would you believe what that CSR told me? She actually had the audacity to say "Well that's a manufacturer rebate." -So I called her on it, and explained that nowhere on the document does the word "manufacturer" appear, and that you mail it to Sprint, and that a call to Palm verified that there are currently NO manufacturer rebates from Palm in effect on any Sprint Treo products.

    So I asked her point blank: "Who trained you, or on what website, or in what printed material, did you get the information you just told me, that this rebate is a manufacturer rebate?" -and she evaded me, but I persisted: EXACTLY WHERE did you get the information you just told me? -and she finally broke down and said "Well the only Sprint rebate plan we're aware of is the $150 instant savings, and so **anything else would usually be a manufacturer rebate**."

    So I called her out on that: "So you had no actual knowledge that there is any $100 rebate from Palm for a Sprint Treo 700P, and instead of telling me that you took a pot-shot-wild-guess, in fact you literally just made up an answer that you had absolutely no knowledge was true at all, and just guessed at an answer that seemed to be plausible to you."

    And she said "Yes, I'm sorry, I appologize." -And I told her how that IS the essence of my complaint with Sprint, that sales and customer support reps at Sprint feel perfectly comfortable making up answers that have no factual truth to them at all. How would she like it if as her doctor I told her that she has an advanced terminal disease and has at the very most 2 weeks to live -but was just making that up because she told me she had a headache?

    -This is no way to do business with your customers.

    I was upgrading from a dying Treo 600 to a new Treo 700P, so if this is for new business accounts, then I probably do not qualify for this additional rebate. But the front of that flyer really ought to say in large print something like "Extra $100 mail-in savings on these phones for new business accounts!"

    That would have really cleared up a lot of mass confusion. Sprint STILL doesn't have any clue about this rebate.
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    Thanks for the link. My 700p purchase was just inside the window. I mailed it in; we'll see what happens.
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