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    I was keeping an eye on the retention deals for the 700p to see if they dipped below the threshold at which my wife would be ok with me buying a phone. But before that happened, they announced the 700wx! So now I start all over again.

    If anyone gets a 700wx through retentions, let us know what kind of deal you get on it. The price on the Verizon 700w should be a good bargaining point, right?

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    I recently worked out an arrangement with retention, a portion of which was to upgrade the phone at what cost $50 plus me giving them back my 650. Anyway, he gave me the option of taking the Wx or the P at the same price. I ordered the Wx at first, but called back later and switched to the P...the lower resolution is something that would drive me nuts and I didn't really have a preference otherwise. I guess the better BT stack would have been nice.
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    I'm ready to make a switch myself.

    I've been with sprint since `98, and have been on my samsung i330 for the past 3 years - it's time to put it to pasture. I'm looking very very hard at the treo 700wx. It looks like the screen's not the best, but it's a darn sight better than the 160x240 I have on the i330. I'll also lose my palm apps, but the fact that I can develop my own apps with .NET is a huge draw for WM5.

    My contract is up in 01/07, so I figure now would be a good time to try and wrangle a deal.

    Based on the experiences posted here, I think i'll try and get the 700wx for $400 or so. I can get it for $500 regular, based on my longevity. Or should I aim lower?

    I'll also try and do the SERO plan, my current plan is F&F 500 anytime, no vision or other frills, with a %12 company discount, and i'm still paying $60 a month. The SERO F&F 500 plan sounds like the best deal I can get.

    Any recommendations, or am I on the right track?
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    ok, i'm making the call, wish me luck!
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    Ok, no go with the deal - First thing I asked about was the price of the 700wx, which the CSR said she couldn't do anything about - the only price she could give me was $499.99, the online price w/ discount. At that point, I didn't even bother with asking about the SERO plan.

    I guess I'll try again in a few hours, or tomorrow.
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    Did you speak to retentions or customer service? Customer service is useless. You have to say you want to cancel which will put you through to the account services (retention) department. I think you should be able to do better than 400 if you've been a customer since 97, although you'll do better when your contract has expired probably.

    For your information, I've been with Sprint since 2001 and was out of contract for about 3-4 months. When I called I immediately told the system I wanted to cancel and was put through to the account services people. I harped on all of the problems that I had in the last year and played up on the fact that I was dissatisfied with the Bluetooth and reception on my 650. He gave me $10 off of Vision per month and 500 SMS for free almost immediately (I also complained about being nickeled and dimed on the messages). About 15 minutes in, I had him down to $275, I continued to complain about the fact that Amazon has the 700 for 244 for new customers but couldn't get him to budge any further.

    I then asked about trading in my 650 for a further discount. At that point he stated he could get me the 700 for $100, although he did base this on the fact that my 650 was only 10 days old due to a recent insurance replacment. He also said he could give me the Wx or the P, whichever I wanted, and this was on the 1st when the Wx hadn't been released yet.

    If you read my earlier post, you will see in the end I got the phone for $50. That was because over the weekend they screwed up the order and charged my account $649 for the 700, which immediately disconnected my service, of which I was not aware causing me a moderate amount of trouble, because I was over my limit. I was pretty upset when I finally found out a day later, after someone finally tracked me down to inform me, so when I called back again I complained until they gave me an additional 10% off of my contract for 24 months, an additional $50 credit to bring the phone cost down from $100 to $50, and reduced my renewal contract to 1 year.

    I will say this did take some effort, probably 2+ hours in all over two days, so I don't know how hard you want to press, but I think you should at least get the $275 on the phone which I was able to get rather easily/quickly. I just brought up all of the legitimate problems I had with my account over the past few years (charged me a damage deductible even though they admitted it was humidity and not actual spillage that made my phone's keys stop working, sent me a broken replacement phone at that time, phone wouldn't always ring in my office for some reason, etc...) I'm sure you can come up with your own list of points to use as leverage when speaking with them.

    I realize this is a long post, but I was able to get what I got thanks to other users posts so I figured I'd try to help out others in the same way.

    Good Luck
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    $275 for the wx sounds like a great deal...I just dont know if I want to work on the deal that long ;-)
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    Hmm, I don't have too many gripes with Sprint, other than those that are attributed to my phone's age. I guess I could claim ignorance and just say that recent call quality has been atrocious.

    My contract's up in 3 months, but I figure it should be close enough to give me leverage.

    I don't remember which dept I got sent to, but Claire asked me if I wanted to cancel my service, so I'm guessing that's retentions.

    I'll try again in a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho View Post
    $275 for the wx sounds like a great deal...I just dont know if I want to work on the deal that long ;-)
    I have a fabulous SERO plan with discounts and promos that comes out to something like $22/month/line including taxes excluding insurance. I'm worried that if I complain too much, they just might thank me for my patronage and disconnect me.

    Additionally, I'm only 6 months into a 2-yr contract (thanks to SERO), so they probably would just hang up on me.
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    I got to the $275 within 10-15 minutes, most of the extra time was due to them screwing up the billing two days later, although that seems to be a common thing. Just remember, you're a long time customer and new customers can get the phone for 244 on Amazon (it's a P on Amazon, but they seemed to be completely indifferent as to whether you wanted a W or P, I think they consider them to be the same value). I would just bring up the W part at the end...stick with generic 700 until you get the price settled.

    As for cancellation, I was apprehensive about this too, because, as I said before, I really do think Sprint is the best of the companies, but when I was deadlocked at $275 with the guy, before I suggested the trade in, he was going to note the account and let me think about it over the weekend. I doubt they'd actually pull the trigger on the cancellation unless you were insistent on cancelling in response to their offers. I threw out a lot of well, I don't know, I have to think about it, etc...
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    BTW...I'm not one of the lucky ones to get SERO, so I'm paying $40/month for my services and was paying $55/month previously. I would think that plays a role in what they give you, and obviously with SERO you're doing pretty good already.
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    Seems I am not that great with retention then

    I just ordered my 700wx for $379. Once the order went through I was told it was on backorder so that bummed me out a little.
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    Dangit, I just tried again today, and the best they could do for me was $399. Knowing what others have said on here helps, I won't budge till I get under $350.
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    I was ok with $379 to be honest. I know it will not be the best, but it still beats paying $650 for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davetati View Post
    I was ok with $379 to be honest. I know it will not be the best, but it still beats paying $650 for it.
    I assume all of these quotes do not include tax? So add another $25 or so for NY buyers?
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    Correct, mine does not include tax as I am in FL.
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    OK Ok First let me admit I was kind of upset with Sprint because of 2 reasons one they kept one of my phones for repair for 2 weeks and would not issue a loner and when I activated an old sprint phone it started over my upgrade. 2. I hate the fact I have been with Sprint since 2000 and they offer us squat. But if youíre a new customer they kiss your ****. So I did some research on the web for Sprint discounts and found this site and I said at first look at all these scammers but now I have to say is I BELIVE BROTHER!!!! Yes Iím a believer I called Sprint retention told them I wanted to cancel and they asked what would make me happy I told them so I got a Treo 700wx for $349.00 and a A900 for $99.00 YES and billed to my account and I get a 25% business discount through my job. Now if anyone can help me get a discount on the the EV-DO network because on my old plan it was free and unlimited.. I currently have a family plan 5 phones 2500 minuets StoS nights starting at 7pm and pay $160.00 total bill plus tax.
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    I did not include tax either, which was in the neighborhood of $50 being in NYC.

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