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    I'm on a 2 year contract with VZW that ends 8/15/07. My Treo 650 is the secondary line on a family plan. I've been told the NE2 does not apply for secondary lines, so what are my upgrade options? I refuse to pay VZW full retail for a 700p.

    Before I call them/visit a store...I thought I'd ask you guys if it is possible to renew/extend an existing contract for another 2 years at this point to get a phone at the new customer rate, or am I just SOL until the contract is up and move to another carrier?

    Thanks guys...
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    While NE2 is not available for the second line, you get whatever promotional pricing is available to new customers

    $499.99 price
    - 100.00 online discount
    You just don't get the loyalty discount (100 Ne2) that you get on the second line. It's $549.99 with a one year contract, and probably $599 or maybe even $649 with no contract. So you're not paying full price.
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    I was in a similar situation (though my 650 was my primary) that my 2-year contract doesn't expire until March next year. So I bought my 700p for full price (from Palm directly in my case to avoid tax), and sold my 650 in eBay which helped offsetting the full-price cost of $619.

    Though I also heard about the NE2 is not applicable to the secondary line, I'm not sure if it's true. I have a basic Motorola phone as my 2nd line and it's listed as eligible for NE2 when I log in to my VZW account. (My 2nd line's 2-year contract end-date is different from my primary's, and it's already ended.)

    Perhaps it deserves a chat with a VZW rep. Good luck!
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    i have 4 lines on my VZW family plan and i have 4 different dates as to when they are due for the NE2 discount. maybe it's different regionally or something though.
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    Here's Verizon's official answer via online chat and over the phone regarding secondary lines and a 2 year contract:

    There is no discount available until 2 months before the end of the contract period. In order to get a new phone with new customer discount, you must at that time sign a new 1 or 2 year agreement with VZW.

    Thanks guys...looks like I just have to wait :/

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