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    Hi All,

    I've done some searching on this and keep coming up with conflicting answers. I'm just about ready to flip a coin but I thought I'd ask here if anyone wants to make a suggestion or point me towards info I've missed.

    I'm getting a 700p because I don't want to carry two gadgets. Three if you count the camera. I'll use the PDA and voice phone but I've got plenty of wireless capability for my laptop and just won't need to download via the pda, ie I don't need no stinking data plan. I just want a good dependable voice phone that's also a palm pda.

    Anybody got an opinion for Sprint vs Verizon here in Mad City? I'd have taken the Verizon plan, and still might, but the agreements for all that money for dropping the plan - 175 to Verizon and 225 to Palm, plus giving Verizon my social security number - all that stuff just puts me off. I don't think those folks trust me.
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    Very odd to have a Treo with no data. Dataless PDAs will probably go away very soon. Treo's biggest benefit is data... email, web browsing, internet radio, etc. on the go.

    Both Sprint and Verizon have EVDO in Madison, so check there.

    Sprint is $15/month for data while Verizon is $45/month for data.

    But if data doesn't matter and you want a PDA phone, I'm guessing you'll find yourself using data, be charged by the KByte and then realize you do want a data plan afterall. You might want to consider that as a possibility.
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    I apologize for not being clear. I'm trying to find out which of the two is more dependable and satisfactory to customers. I've heard that Verizon is iffy around Madison. I know what the prices are, and just about everything else, except how people in the area like either one.

    If by "Check there", you mean, "Ask people on the street if they like their cell phone provider", I'm doing that, thanks.

    I'm online all freakin day. I don't travel much and when I do, I do it with a laptop. Getting offline is actually a break for me. I use the pda for reading, phone numbers and alarms. I now need the phone because I'm about to go on call for some evenings. If I have to go online for work, the pda won't cut it - I'll need to log in and do some programming.

    I just want to combine two gadgets into one and don't want to give up my Palm. If I could turn this m515 into a cell phone, I'd do it. I really don't need data downloads right now, although I don't mind having the possibility.

    I'm sorry that's a bit hard to understand. But I'll keep looking.

    If you'd like to place a wager on whether I'll end up downloading with it, maybe we can work something out.

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