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    - Downloads up to 3.1Mbps (average will likely be 600Kbps - 1.0Mbps). EVDO Rev 0 max is currently 2.4Mbps.

    - Upload to 1.8Mbps (average will likely be 400Kbps - 600Kbps). Rev 0 max is only 144Kbps.

    - Latency as low as 50ms, which should help VPN and chatty apps. Rev 0 latency is typically 150ms-400ms.

    - Sprint plans to have EVDO Rev A rolled out to 40m population be end of this year and nearly all network (220m+ pops) by end of next year.

    - The Rev A card will still work on Rev 0 and 1xRTT network, of which Rev0/A plans to be rolled out from 155m pops now to 200m pops by end of this year, 220m+ by end of next year. Sprint apparently needs to acquire iPCS affiliate to do entire network (rural IL, IA, MI, WI).

    - Sprint will also data roam on Alltel network starting later this year, both EVDO and 1xRTT networks. Some areas already work with 1xRTT.

    - Rev 0 cards already roam on Mexico/Canada EVDO and will continue to expand.
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    The cool thing is you don't have to have a Sprint voice acct to get the lower $60/month rate. Verizon is $80/month if not a Verizon voice customer.

    So you can keep your non-Sprint phone yet still get EVDO Rev A laptop card at relatively good rate.
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    Now add two more devices....Rev A phones this time:

    Sprint Upcoming phone line up
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    $60 is still high. ls this the best price for Sprint customers? Can we deal on the price?
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    ^You can do phone-as-modem on EVDO phones tethered to laptop for $40/month on Sprint, but you can't do voice/data at the same time. Laptop cards were originally intended for business users but apparently many consumers are using it as well, especially those who can't get high speed landline in their area. So for some $60/month is better than no high speed at all.
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    Well, the Rev. A sounds as if it will be a lot faster. I haven't tethered my 700p but from demos that I've seen I'd rather stick to my current T-Mobile WiFi. If it were $40 for Rev. A then it would begin to sound a bit more interesting. My understanding is that Rev A requires new hardware and we do not have this on the 700p, but I may be misunderstanding this completely.
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    I read that Rev A is suppose to be a lot faster for Rev A enable devices and actually be better than Rev 0 for EVDO devices. In other words, you won't get a faster connection than your top bottle neck but it won't fluctuate as much as with Rev 0. I'm not sure if this was Rev A, but last saturday I was in SF and I noticed that my 700p was giving me 300kbps + on DSL reports a I could tell that it was more than that. Streaming video was really good so I can see that it was a very steady connection.

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    RevA improves uplink and latency more than downlink. Will be great for online gaming, chatty applications and VoIP using data cards. Improvement would not be as significant for phones (except when tethering). Rev0 devices, such as Treo 700p/w cannot be upgraded to RevA. But when RevA towers appear, it may help existing Rev0 devices have a little better performance in the same situation.
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    my understanding was that the 700p wasn't RevA compatible, though... no?
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    It has yet to be officially confirmed if the 700wx has the Rev A chipset in it.....though if I was a betting man, my money would be against it.

    Rev A EVDO network is backwards supportive of Rev 0 devices. Rev 0 devices can use the Rev A network, but can only go up to Rev 0 speeds.
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    No Sprint phones have RevA yet. Probably won't see any til next year. I believe the 6800 PPC phone (replacing the 6700) is coming early next year with RevA.
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    Yes the 6800 with WM05 and the 5800 with Smartphone OS both will have Rev A

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