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    Some pretty cool SMS tools for Sprint users.......

    Sprint Gives SMS An Email Touch
    Monday, 21 August 2006
    Over the past week, Sprint has been deploying a massive expansion of their SMS text messaging features. The new SMS functionality integrates with Sprint's My PCS account access system. It allows customers to both log in and send, as well as read text messages without their phone.

    The new My PCS Text Messaging tools function similar to an email client, and maintain a list of recent text messages, allowing you to recall their contents even if deleted from the phone. Text messages sent will appear to recipients as if they were sent directly from the phone itself.

    While in-deployment, appearing on and off, the service has been problematic for Sprint to deploy. During the launch process, Sprint cautions that the service may cause some glitches. It also was responsible for a national text messaging outage that caused problems sending messages for several days.

    One of the most demanded features that has been added is the ability to have both a blocked sender list, and a block-all-senders-except list, allowing people to avoid SMS charges from spammers or services they wish to block. No other U.S. carrier provides such a high level of online access currently. You can access these tools by logging in to your account, navigating to My Online Tools and selecting Text Messaging.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I have been seeing some weird issues with SMS lately - double or triple messages, outages, etc.
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