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    I'm not sure if anyone else has been getting this, but it seems in the past few days, i've been getting a good amount of messages sent to me twice. I'll get the message, and then, anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes later, i'll get the exact same message again. I'm not overly concerned as i have the old $5 for unlimited SMS, but if i didn't i'd be worried about being over charged. Any idea if this is a quirk with the phone, or with the network?
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    I'm getting the same thing sending from Sprint, people are receiving it twice.
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    it seems as though it's random, if i send a message in reply, i don't get the duplicate, but if i wait a while before responding, then the chance of getting it twice is much greater. I just confirmed that people are getting duplicates of my messages as well.
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    im getting the same thing on sprint people keep complaining that i have been sending txt's more than once, sometimes the other person i txt gets it 3 times in a row
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    Read Hobbes' thread in this forum.
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    According to pcsintel and sprintpcsinfo, sprint's being doing revamps to its website text messages, indicating that it may be the source of a lot of text problems.

    i'm having the same thing happen. i'ts annoying.
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    Same here, first we don't get SMS, then we get doubles....come on Sprint....fix this.
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