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    Thanks. Most of the web streams are in windows media format. I've been looking at something similar to what you did with shoutcast, or even Slingbox...though it's not supported.

    I don't have a dedicated Windows box right now (though I guess I could fire up an old Win2k box...just an iMac with BootCamp.

    So let me make sure I've got this straight...

    You just got an audio patch cord straight from the output of the soundcard right back into the input?

    Then you VNC into the box (which VNC program are you using?)

    Then you start the streaming via the shoutcast server and tune in via Pocket Tunes?

    Sounds easy enough. Is the shoutcast stream publicized or kept private? I assume you don't want the general public listening as that would probably make MLB pretty unhappy.

    Do you have a static IP or do you use DyDns or something similar?
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    And what VNC app are you using on your Treo? It looks like PocketVNC is for Windows Mobile. I see that there's a PalmVNC though.
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    Also...any tips on the Shoutcast configuration would be appreciated.

    e.g.- do you need to install Winamp and the Winamp plugin as well as the Shoutcast server, or is there a minimal amount you can install in order to have a private stream?

    Any tips on keeping the stream private/not publicized?

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