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    Hi All,
    I know this is a question that has been asked in some ways before, but i wanted to get a more up to date opinion, so i'll hope you'll forgive me if i cover old gound.

    I have a treo650 with sprint, and i dutifully pay my extra coverage plan every month. The antenna has broken, and i believe that qualifies me for a replacement. My first question is this, will they replace it with a refurb 650, or will they replace it with a current 700p? Is there a voucher involved? does anyone have expierience with this?

    I'm not in dire need, because i can sort of "snap" the antenna back in, and it works, it's just in a little danger of falling off again, and getting lost. Since i can wait, would it be better to see what the newer models are coming out? or is the 700p automatically good enough to warrent the upgrade? (i do not have EV-DO in VT where i live, so that's not as much of a concern either right now).

    Any opinions would be welcome, especially with the insurance process.

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    I warrantied my 650 on June 30 and got a refurb 650.
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    They'll replace it with a 650 until there aren't any more available. That will be quite a while, I think.
    Bob Meyer
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