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    I'm thinking about upgrading my Treo 600 to the Treo 700p and jumping onto the Powervision bandwagon. I'm curious to know what people have experienced for coverage.

    Before I go too far down that route, I need to know whether my planned usage is going to work. I am typing this message from my laptop while travelling on the Old-Colony commuter rail line from Kingston, MA to Boston. The train travels away from major highways and cuts through smaller communities in eastern Massachusetts before entering into the main Boston metro area. Regular vision coverage is excellent for the entire ride - I only lose reception when the train goes through giant tunnels at the start of the trip (The same cannot be said for my t-mobile blackberry which craps out intermittently for most of the train ride).

    What would I experience if I tethered a powervision phone for my trip? Would my phone
    (a) have coverage for the whole trip because Sprint are aggressively adding powervision coverage in the suburbs of large metro areas?
    (b) switch back and forth between power vision and regular vision as I switch between power vision and regular repeaters, giving me near-broadband speeds where possible?
    (c) drop my connection whenever I left the powervision coverage area because the phone technology can't cope with a seemless switch between services?

    If the answer is (a) I am sold on power vision. If (b) I will probably go with it anyway, because it would be nice to have broadband coverage at certain points of my trip. If it is (c) then I need to seriously reconsider the upgrade plans.

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    B is what you would likely experience, although I drive most places and tend not to use my laptop while actually moving. Also keep in mind that depending on your usage, if you are using the phone as a modem and not paying for it, that Sprint might drop you completely.

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