I've never bothered with Sprint Picture Mail before on my 650, but my wife just got a camera phone and it's simpler for her to send pictures this way.

Can anyone tell me if this is how Picture Mail is supposed to work or do I have something setup incorrectly?

She send me a picture, I get a text message saying "You have new Picture Mail!". I click on the link and it will open a Blazer page with a thumbnail of and everything seems fine.

What seems odd is, if I want to see the picture again later and I go to my Picture Mail account via the icon in Pics&Videos (or if I log in to pictures.sprintpcs.com\wap) I don't see the new picture or even an Inbox where it seems it should be. All I see are my albums (with older pictures that have been moved into them.)

If I log in on my PC, I see the Inbox and my albums. So from the PC I can move pictures from my Inbox to an album (where I can then see it on my 650), but it seems I should be able to do this completely from the 650.

Am I just expecting too much from Picture Mail?