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    I have a Treo 650 for Sprint PCS.

    I am getting the itch to to switch....

    But I am not sure what I can do.

    My idea item would bee 700W for Sprint PCS.

    Couple Questions:
    1. Will the 700W for Sprint ever happen?
    2. What about the PPC-6700, any good? is it worth the upgrade.
    3. Should I just go with the 700P?

    Any thoughts would be nice.
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    A search
    at&t iPhone3G
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    See post #2 and insert at the beginning "Do".
    These posts are many and will result in "Its personal preference" Windows is a big jump and you May/May Not like the change. Whats wrong with the 650? you won't get much more upgrading; currently.
    The 650 is proven more or less stable, does IE, Calendar, SMS, Ring Tones, listen to MP3, good reception, great accessories cheep to replace and most of all paid for.
    for example
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