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    You can have a cheap plan for phone and data , but if you don't get reception it ain't that cheap.

    Future verizon and amp'd customer
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHINMJ
    Weirdest thing I have come across in Verizon is that their text message plans only cover messages to other Verizon phones. Some parents have been getting some wild text message bills. I vote Verizon most likely to drop a $350 bill at your door. My company negotiated a 27% discount with Sprint.
    We got 18%...I am jealous
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHINMJ
    Weirdest thing I have come across in Verizon is that their text message plans only cover messages to other Verizon phones.
    Yeah, that's not true at all.

    Text and Picture Messaging (Please select one.)
    Text & Picture Messaging (Pay Per Message) $0.00
    Unlimited IN Messaging PLUS 500 additional messages $10.00/month

    Great Value!
    Unlimited IN Messaging PLUS 1000 additional messages $15.00/month
    Unlimited IN Messaging PLUS 2500 additional messages $20.00/month
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    I was with sprint and then moved to a company who wanted me on their verizon plan. I've got to say though Sprint was incredibly economical, their customer service and phone service was absolute crap. I had 2 phones which were on a shared plan but they were provisioned improperly and I was paying $10 for the second line and minutes. It took no less than 3 calls and 2 credits to get it straightened out. Then their phone-as-modem add on option was available for 2 months then it wasn't then it was. I also had call drop outs etc. I'd gladly pay double what sprint was charging to know 1) I don't have to work with some of the worst customer service people in the industry and 2) I have *reliable* coverage.

    I will say once things are set up properly wit sprint, other than the crappy coverage in my area and others things are great.
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    I really wanted to switch to Sprint. They flat out told me I wold get no data coverage where I live. My Verizon coverage is good.
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    Currently still on minutes of use for data. Great for free nights & weekends and occassional daytime use. Only issue is I only have $39.99 400min plan and can never upgrade my phone (Treo 600) nor my plan. Given the lack of significant changes in the Treo or VZW's phone plans, looks like I'll be on this until the phone dies...
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    I just joined Verizon because my Treo 600 is falling apart (its antenna broke off). I just decided to dump T-mobile mostly because they dont keep up with Treos and close my account with that company. I am BIG on unlimited data access because I am profoundly deaf and see no use in paying for voice usage.

    And that I am a bit sick of the "56k speed" that comes with Treo 600. So I looked around and found what I thought is a good deal. At, they are selling Verizon wireless Treo 700ps and 700ws with 150 dollars worth of rebates. (I got mine for $299 assuming that my rebates come thru in months..pain in the ****..I know). Anyway, the point is that they also are selling varying Verizon plans that goes with the Treos. I chose PDA/Smartphone Unlimited. It said that plan includes ALL FREE DATA Access. So I should be fine?? for 49.99 per month. On broadband speeds. :-)
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    Guess living in the Tri state area ( north jersey ) finally worth it Sprint coverage is fine even beats Verizon in some spots and the Data costs cant be compared, when u say VZ Data plan can u say Bend..over? just my 2cents worth
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    It's funnny how times change, there was a time when Vz had a limited inventory of phones and service. Now they swing the cat being the first with EVDO. On their land line side here in Texas they are the only company to have Fiber to the house.
    I guess Vz got tired of the view not changing when they weren't first.
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    I agree that Verizon's data charges suck. But here I am with Sprint and no PowerVision for several hours today.
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    Why do you spend time/energy bashing Verizon? If you don't like them don't use them. There are lots of choices. For me, having 4 bars of coverage in rural NC at 3500 feet at my vacation home, it's worth an extra $50 a month over my previous service. You always have a choice- don't be so emotional over a company that purportedly overcharges you or others.
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    Wow you guys are nuts paying all that im on Sprint 300 anytime minutes $39 with unlimited free incoming minutes anytime ,$20 unlimited Evdo internet with unlimited picture mail and Sprint TV included,$5 nights start at 7pm,$5 unlimited free sprint to sprint and nextel, and $15 unlimited txt, and i get a 23% company discount on my bill every month wich makes my bill about $73 a month, wich is not bad for almost unlimited anything
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    I have a T650 right now on Sprint and use PDANet to tether when my primary ISP is down. With Sprint, my "unlimited" data (aka Vision) is $15/month but its not EVDO (due to the T650, if I bought a T700 it would be EVDO at no additional charge from what I've read but I have to pay full price for a T700 or work a deal through customer retenion).

    I am considering making the switch to Verizon, all of my friends are on Verizon and being on the same carrier as them would save a lot of minutes and the EVDO data connection would be wonderful (and of course upgrading to a cheap 700p would be great). The plan I am considering is the Core Choice 450 (450 anytime, unlimited data, unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited "in") for $80. But that's pretty much what I have now with Sprint for $50. So, its $30 more a month. My wireless internet ISP is $25 a month, so if I can use the Verizon "unlimited data" and tether my Treo to my laptop, I could cancell my ISP and just about break even. The concern I have is that the "unlimited" data isnt really unlimited. True? ANd is there anyway around it (a hack/fix/program)?
    Sprint Pre User Who LOVED his Pre but left for a more supported phone (EVO Shift)...maybe one day Sprint & HP will see the light and bring us a great 4g capable Pre replacement!
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    For those of us with Sprint's SERO plan, there really is only one option for wireless cellular data. Those of us with SERO AND loyalty or corporate discounts might NEVER leave Sprint. Case in point- my bill for *TWO* lines with SERO and 300 txt msgs each is under $45 TOTAL including taxes and excluding insurance. Verizon erroneously billed me $300 for my half-month trial of the w.
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