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    Sprint Announces EV-DO Rev A Plans

    Written by Christopher Price
    Thursday, 03 August 2006
    Sprint this morning announced their plans to deploy EV-DO Rev A on their network. The retrofit to Sprint's EV-DO network will boost average download speeds to 450 - 800 kbps. More important, it will boost upload speeds to 300 - 400k. This is an increase of over twice the upload speeds of the current EV-DO/1xRTT network.

    EV-DO Rev A will open doors to new technologies such as video calling, and other upload-dependent tasks, including Sprint's upcoming QChat unified PTT network. Sprint plans to begin upgrading their network in the fourth quarter of this year. By the end of the year, Sprint expects to have coverage to 40 million people.

    By the end of 2006, Sprint expects combined EV-DO Revision 0 and A to reach 200 million people across 220 metropolitan areas. Sprint also boasts a goal of 908 airports will be covered by the end of 2006. Sprint also announced that EV-DO Rev A test calls have been completed on-network, a sign that Sprint is near ready to begin deployment.
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    Nice to know...have you given any more thought to upgrading yet Hobbes?
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    Yup...a lot as I am always looking for the next latest and greatest.....Bu with that said, I am still extremely happy and impressed with the 6600. It is working fine. The 6700 would be second guess and almost did it due to EVDO and WIFI, but with the smaller screen and some of the bugs, I wanted to wait for the next generation, which I was hoping would include Rev A.

    If my phone breaks and Lockline replaces it with an 6700, I wouldn't return it, I just didn't want to spend the money for it at this time.

    The 700w is too short changed on memory to meet my daily needs. The 6700 is acceptable but has been buggy and a lot smaller screen. Which with working spreadsheets, GPS, and watching movies it makes a big difference....though as I said th EVDO and WIFI almost won me over.

    Sprint has been VERY hush about their upcoming phone releases. My usual sources will not say anything either way. Usually they share with what they know or tell me they don't know for sure. Either there is nothing in the works, or hopefully some really good stuff to answer the call as they have certainly fallen behind what is being offered by the competition.

    So, bottom line, I am still content and even though my wandering eye has been unfaithful to my 6600, nothing has yet lured me away yet.
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    Will revision (A) be compatible with the 700p?
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    1x EVDO Rev. A is backward compatible which means our 700p units will work.

    However, our 700p units use Qualcomm MSM6500 MSM6500 chipset (according to page 13 of this PDF: which is a Rev. 0 chip. So our units, while will work in Rev. A, won't benefit from the higher speeds.

    Posters please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Yes you can be pretty sure that phones won't automatically stop working when the twoers upgrade, you just won't be able to benefit from the higher speeds. This has be wondering what will hapopen in the GSM arenea as Cingular for example planned to rollout HSDPA 1.8 first and then move to 3.6 just as EVDO did a rolloiut and planned a Rev A rollout behind it.

    However testing went so well with 3.6 that they are rolling out 3.6 from the getgo. So the big question is what have the phone vendors been tetsimg for the last 12 months....will we be getting HSDPA 1.8 hardware when the first phones are released or will they cheat themselves out of a reason to "upgrade to a new model" by releasing handsets that are capoable of receiving whats out there from the getgo.
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    I've talked to a Sprint engineer that explained to me while existing Rev 0 devices won't be able to upgrade to Rev A, they will have a better chance of getting closer to Rev 0 max specs when talking to Rev A towers. So the Rev A rollout may in some ways improve Rev 0 devices, but not above maximum specs of Rev 0.

    I doubt the 700p will show much improvement though as I feel the OS is the bottleneck.
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