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    I have the old 2000 min, free data plan. I think it must have included free incoming minutes, also as I have never noticed paying for incoming minutes. I see on Sprint web page a great deal of attention paid to paying to get "free" incoming minutes. Is this new? Other comments about paying for incoming calls?

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    how do you know if you pay, or don't pay for incoming minutes? Are they split out differently on The only thing I see on my Sprint bill that is truly separate are PCS-PCS calls. As long as I don't go over my monthly minutes, it's all "0.00" on charges.

    Yes, this plan is relatively new, maybe a year or so old. I would say it would be a great plan if a lot of people call you. Also, be careful if you change plans now - it is hard to grandfather stuff (like free data).
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    Sprint does offer plans with free incoming calls. u may want to check with CS though. *2 from your phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDo
    Sprint does offer plans with free incoming calls. u may want to check with CS though. *2 from your phone.
    It migrated from Nextel's free incoming plans.
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    Yes the incoming plans were part of Nextel for a while and were migrated to sprint after the merger, i have both Sprint and Nextel, free incoming, i have the 300 anytimes with free incoming, free sprint to sprint, and nights and weekends starting at 7pm, and in total minutes i average about 3000 to 4000 minutes a months and out of those minutes i only use about 130 of my anytimes minutes, its a great plan.
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    The only code I know of for free incoming if you never had Nextel is for first incoming minute free.

    I have had first incoming minute free on Sprint for the past 2 years. I have never had a Nextel account.

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    I have the Free incoming minute plan on my Treo 700, ive had it since the 650 days i dont ever remember going over my minutes its almost impossible to do with these new Sprint Plans

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