I have a customer who was recently given a new UserID, Password, and email address on our Windows 2003 Active Directory server, which is also running Microsoft Exchange 2003.

We have the Verizon Wireless Sync (PC Monitor) software installed and running on a PC on the Domain in "Workgroup Monitor" mode. We are trying to setup the software, so it will sync Exchange data for this user to their Palm Treo. However, when we enter in all of the required information to set this up, we click NEXT, and receive the following error:

"Unable to find Exchange server for email address EMAILADDY@DOMAIN.COM"

This used to work under their old AD account perfectly, but now with this new account (which works perfectly for everything else) the software gives us this bogus error. We cannot determine why this error is occuring, as there should be nothing preventing the machine from seeing the Exchange Server, as the machine is on the same domain, and on the same subnet as the Exchange Server itself.

I've spent an entire day reading through the forum, checking the Verizon website, etc., and so far cannot find a solution to this problem.

Any Ideas?