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    I am located in a Sprint service area which does not have EVDO coverage. I currently have the $15 internet plan and am using a treo 650. I was told that it might be possible to obtain EVDO service at no increase if I switch to a treo 700P before Sprint provides EVDO service in this area.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Have you experienced this?
    What would I need to do to register the treo 700P in place of my treo 650?
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    I just did this. I lost my 650 and decided to go ahead and get a 700p. I do live in an EvDO area. What I can tell you: Sprint could not add the 700p to my service without switching me from Vision to PowerVision. When my account was set up for Vision the phone could not be activated. I tried at my local Sprint Store, with regular CS and with a Retention rep. All three got the same error that the phone was incompatible with Vision service and I had to be switched to PowerVision.

    I can't tell you about a possible cost increase - my plan already included Unlimited Vision or Powervision, depending on what kind of phone I had (I have one of the SERO plans) so I did not experience a price change since it was already included in my plan.

    Good luck,

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